Replacement of mechanical keys against our transponders

We provide various transponder variants according to your individual needs. For instance, as sticker buttons for smartphones, as fitting key fob solution considering the corresponding requirements of your business field or in credit card format. In addition, we provide active transponders for barrier-free access.


Integration or extension by the ISGUS solutions for T&A and Access Control is possible any time.

This involves the following benefit: Each employee only uses one identification medium to open doors, activate elevators, barriers or revolving doors and for the individual T&A management.

Authorisations and personal records are only stored once for all ISGUS modules.

Thanks to modern transponder technology, data can be read without contact and described on a passive transponder. The following versions are possible:

  • as a card
  • as a keyring
  • as a transponder clip
  • as a transponder for mechanical key clip
  • as a transponder key

They differ only by their outward appearance. In each transponder chip is read and written to the data.

Another plus: If you already have transponders in use, they may be in most cases also used for the locking system.

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