Terminals - ZEUS® keyless

With the ZEUS® keyless profile registration terminal, locking authorisations defined on the PC are transferred online and written on the transponder used. This enables to manage complex and large company structures with several physically separated sites at one central location.

If the profile registration terminal includes the switch function, a switch process (e.g. door opener) can be enabled after the verification or programming of the transponder.


Integration or extension by the ISGUS solutions for T&A and Access Control is possible any time.

This involves the following benefit: Each employee only uses one identification medium to open doors, activate elevators, barriers or revolving doors and for the individual T&A management.

Authorisations and personal records are only stored once for all ISGUS modules.

Wall Readers

The wall scanner works like a conventional access control terminal. Through non-contact basis with a transponder can opener, gates, rolling doors, elevators, etc. are controlled. Wall readers can offline, online and be operated.

Remote Module

If it is desired for greater security as the outer skin of a building, it is possible to use remote modules. These are used for remote connection of contacts and can also be used for elevator control.

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