Digital Locking Cylinders – ZEUS® keyless

Maximum security, maximum flexibility, low costs, network compatibility, no wiring, easy installation – the digital locking cylinder Is6120 provides exactly all these features. The dimensions of digital locking cylinders are identical to those of standard mechanical cylinders.


Integration or extension by the ISGUS solutions for T&A and Access Control is possible any time.

This involves the following benefit: Each employee only uses one identification medium to open doors, activate elevators, barriers or revolving doors and for the individual T&A management.

Authorisations and personal records are only stored once for all ISGUS modules.

Highly flexible and network compatible

Model Is6120 is suitable for installations of any size. It can be used as a simple locking system for residential doors and office doors but can also be integrated into complex access control solutions. The locking systems are programmed via PC and can be networked wirelessly.

Operation via personal transponders

Model Is6120 is operated via a programmable radio transponder. Instead of many different keys, only one type of personal transponder is required. The access authorizations are assigned via the security lock plan.

Easy and quick mounting

The dimensions of the digital locking cylinder Is6120 meet the standards for conventional mechanical cylinders. Being equipped with a battery, the cylinder can be fitted wirelessly into all doors with Euro profile and can therefore easily replace alreadyexisting cylinders.

Individual programming

The digital locking cylinder Is6120 can be configured according to the particular customer requirements. Per employee an individual security lock plan with time zone control is created.

Special variants

Digital locking cylinders are available in various versions: semi- cylinders for garages and key operated switches, FH cylinders for fire doors, and both-sided freely rotating cylinders for use on garden gates or passage doors.

High security data protection

Tap-proof data transfer lost transponders can easily be blocked via the system. All access events are logged and are available for further evaluation.

Absolutely cost effective

Due to the very low operating costs, the changeover to a digital locking system is worth it for every user. Expensive replacement keys, cylinder exchange at reorganization, the collection of keys and the risk of lost keys a thing of the past. In addition, the digital cylinder wear is very low, so that a conversion pays for itself.

High investment security

The modular system structure, the free programmability and existing interfaces to external systems offer the possibility to adapt the system to changing organizational structures at any time.

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