The German House as a Meeting point

Unique mountain hut atmosphere ©

Unique mountain hut atmosphere ©


Since 1988 “The German House” has been and still is the official meeting point for the national Olympic family, since 2010 in Vancouver there is the pendant during the Paralympics. ISGUS was the official partner of the Winter Games in Canada (2010) and the teamwork between ISGUS and the German Sports marketing (DSM) continues with the games in Sochi 2014 following on from London 2012.

The German House provides a framework and infrastructure for the German athletes, to meet with guests from sports, politics, economics and media. Visitors like to move freely and securely in this familiar atmosphere of world sports. It is an environment, where security is a main factor.

The chalet in the Krasnaja Poljana ski resort forms the back drop for the German House in Sochi. With an enormous amount of effort, time involved and a heavy workload it is rebuilt and transformed into a welcoming environment and meeting place.

In addition to the daily reception of the sportsmen and -women, interviews with top athletes and press interviews a colourful supporting program is offered. More than 350 visits per day are expected, which need to be managed.

The ZEUS® software solution is responsible for the Access Control in the German House and provides an important contribution to the security. In addition to Access Control ISGUS also offers a web based accreditation software for smooth entry processes. The credit card format badges are already printed and coded and can be used from February 6, 2014 for accreditation and entry.


Currently there are no trade fairs planned.