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Solution concept for universities with ZEUS®keyless

When choosing an electronic locking system at universities, the decision is often affected by the transponder card that is already in use. If there is already a system for paying in the cafeteria or providing access to the library, the cards already in use should also work for the locking system.

No problem: All of the ZEUS® keyless prime components with the knob module Is6120, the cabinet lock and the electronic door fitting can be used in this case.

The installation of the door fitting Is6170 is especially recommended for highly frequented doors and doors to auditoriums. Daily access authorizations as well as permanent authorizations are possible in this case. The door fitting is available in two widths and is suitable for all regular door types made of wood, steel, and aluminium as well as for narrow door frames with a backset of 30 mm.

The usage of the electronic cabinet locks Is6192 in material lockers ensures the security of personal items. As all components are managed by one locking system, all relevant services in a university – like paying in the cafeteria, borrowing books in the library, opening your locker and entering the seminar rooms – can be handled with just one card. For the university staff those applications can be complemented by functions such as time recording and access authorizations to certain office rooms or to the barrier of the underground parking lot.

For the usage in classrooms we recommend the knob cylinder Is6110. Only a properly programmed transponder key provides access to the classroom, whereas the door can always be locked or opened from the inside.