ISGUS Security Branchen Schulen


Solution concept for schools with ZEUS®keyless

Security is a subject that is becoming increasingly important, also in schools. Access Control, providing comprehensible access authorizations, eg. not granting access to unauthorized people, is a step towards more security in schools. The locking system ZEUS® keyless prime and its product solutions were designed to meet the special requirements in schools.

Based on the successful cylinder Is6122 with electronic access rights on one side and a mechanical internal knob, a double knob cylinder was developed that even can even be installed in locks which are – according to their manufacturer – “with restrictions” suitable for electronic cylinders. After activating the cylinder the mechanism installed in the Is6122 AP ensures that the locking nose turns into the six o’clock position. The mechanical internal knob is permanently connected to the cylinder.

The Is6122 AP is especially suitable for the installation in already existing locks. Even a subsequent transformation of the classic Is6122 into an anti-panic version is possible: Therefore only the cylinder with the mechanical internal knob has to be exchanged. The external electronic knob can still be used afterwards.

In order to make the cylinder suitable for building closure doors, the Is6122 AP was provided with a special mechanical cylinder end. The Is6122 AP-M can only be opened with a special key from the inside. An unauthorized locking of the door from the inside can therewith be prevented.

The knob cylinder Is6110 can be recommended for the usage in classrooms. Only a properly programmed transponder key provides access to the classroom, whereas the door can always be locked or opened from the inside.