ISGUS Security Branchen Eigenheim

Private Home

Know-how and product quality for your private home - ZEUS®keyless

Technology is becoming increasingly common in modern private homes. In addition to lighting and power management, alarm or heating systems are being activated via cell phones. A modern locking system is the perfect complement to any modern home!

With ZEUS® keyless private, losing a front door key is no longer a reason to worry. This locking system is a teach-in/erase system. As soon as the master key is being held in front of the knob, all other keys become invalid – including the lost key. Afterwards the remaining keys only have to be reprogrammed with the help of the master key and the house is safe again. The lost key will be replaced by a newly programmed blank one.

The knob of the electronic locking cylinder Is2110 is available in several designs such as stainless steel or elegant brass. The miniaturized cylinders und readers blend in harmoniously with every architectural surrounding.