ISGUS Security Branchen Klinik


Individual solutions are our strength – ZEUS®keyless for healthcare facilities

A sophisticated locking system concept can facilitate the everyday routine in hospitals, clinics, etc. immensely and is an important factor regarding the optimisation of internal processes. With ZEUS® keyless prime the lift control can be regulated via a wall mounted reader thus enabling priority rides.

The electronic cabinet lock Is6192 enables the controlled storage of objects of value by means of a locking system.

With only one key, either in the form of a card, a clip, a key fob or a transponder key, the clinic staff is able to open the parking barrier, enter the hospital, book presences/absences, lock up their valuables, pay in the cafeteria and enter all rooms according to their authorization profile.

In order to control the removal of medicines from the medicine cabinet, the electronic furniture lock Is6190 can be installed. The event log shows precisely who was accessing to the medicine cabinet, ensuring the immediate detection of irregularities.