The individual solution according to your individual demands.

A modern electronic locking system offers an almost infinite range of possibilities in matters of locking system administration. Thanks to its great flexibility, our locking system solution adapts precisely to the requirements of our customers. From ensuring the security of the outer area of a building to the creation of flexible authorization profiles – our locking system solutions are made to perfectly fit our customer’s needs. By means of various interfaces the integration of external systems such as Access Control or Time Recording can be carried out smoothly thus providing additional flexibility. 

Despite the great variety of system components, we place major emphasis on the ease of use of our locking system solution. Transparency, flexibility and versatility are the major principles of the ZEUS® keyless family.


The versatility of the electronic knob module Is6120/Is2120 has proven to work. It can either be turned into a furniture lock, a half cylinder or a double-knob cylinder – depending on the attached components. If you would like to authorize and control some of the doors while the object is still in its construction phase, You can integrate the cylinders into the complete system later on and adopt event logs from the construction phase. 

If the requirements of an object change and e.g. access rights are now needed on the inside, too, the mechanical knob of a double knob cylinder with electronic access right on one side can be removed and a second, electronic knob can be installed to the inner side of the cylinder.Flexible installation as wanted – more possibilities for the tasks in the facility management.


Every locking system product is characterized by

  • self-explanatory application,
  • simple construction and
  • comprehensible administration.

Explicit application orientation in the foreground – state-of-the-art encrypted logarithms to ensure the highly secure data exchange in the background.


We approach the principle openness from two different sides, while keeping an eye on the safety of our products as well as the comfort.

Safety from the inside to the outside:

The ZEUS® keyless prime system components can exchange data offline or via access point with the management software ZEUS®keyvi3 by using modern encrypted logarithms.

Openness via interfaces:

ZEUS® keyless prime is open to other systems like time recording, intrusion detectors, access control or GLT-System on every technical level due to interfaces. These can be attached to the locking system on a data and transponder level. Already existing personal details – e.g. from the time recording software – can be synchronized via CSV-Files and can then be used for ZEUS® keyless prime. 

The ZEUS® keyless prime system is also open to every current transponder technology. It supports the passive transponders: EM or Hitag, Mifare Classic or DESfi re and LEGIC® prime or advent, as well as active transponders with 868 MHz.

Openness as a principle:

Not only our products, but also we ourselves as a developing company are open to the needs of our clients and the individual schedule in the object. If you want to install an electronic locking system bit by bit in an already existing building, we and ZEUS® keyless prime will accompany and support you, as our partner, step by step.

Open for individual needs in the object – uncompromising when it comes to safety requirements.

Every cylinder and reader of the ZEUS® keyless family is miniaturized and suitable for the object, and therefore fits harmonically into the design and the usage environment of the building. Even special architectural circumstances aren’t a problem due to the different surfaces of the knobs.

With the product groups ZEUS® keyless prime and ZEUS® keyless private we offer you two solutions for two different target groups. Their different focuses help to find the most suitable locking system for every object.










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